Thursday, November 4, 2010

sooo. i'm sorry.

I haven't been blogging lately. For almost a month, right. I am sorry...not that I really have any loyal followers yet...except I will give a shout out to my homie "the flyer" woot woot.

So here's a rundown on what's been going on in my life:

  • Last Saturday was the last day at "Moose Creek"...that's where I work nights during the summer at an "exclusive members only" golf club. Nice place. Weird people. I love the money that comes in with that job, but am also thankful that it's over this year. I feel like Will & I never got any quality time together.

  • My job that I work part-time throughout the year is pissing me off.  I won't write all those things here!

  • I am still *kinda* planning my wedding. Not that it's off or anything, but I just haven't had the time.

Seriously, I have towels in the washer that are going to have to be re-washed. Hopefully I'll do that tonight.

  • Will left for Colorado on Tuesday. He's with some friends doing some hunting. He has a tag for an elk & a tag for a mule deer. I hope he brings home both. The animals, not the tags!

&& this leaves me home by myself! Not cool. Although I still have the 38 & I'm still ready to shoot it! *please don't make me have to shoot that damn thing*

I had it all worked out to do some "freezer cooking". I love this concept. & I figured with Will out of town for 10 days I'd have time. So I started that yesterday. I froze the following:

3 qts Chicken Stock
5 pts Chicken Stock
6 qts Lentil Soup
4 pts Lentil Soup
24 Lime Juice Cubes

I have ready to put together/make:

1 Huge Pot of Vegetable Soup (maybe 6 - 8 qts)
30 burritos (chix, rice, 2 kinds of beans, cheez & onion)
      I'll make different mixtures of all that.
48 (at least) Banana Nut Muffins
24 - 48 Homemade Dinner Rolls
1 - 2 Loaves Bread

Looks good to me. Lots of food...makes me happy.

Now on to something that is really pissing me off:

Snow is in the forecast. I mean it's coming. At Midnight. Where we live: 3 - 6". Will is out of town. I hate to drive in the snow. hate. it. Which means I probably won't go to the office tomorrow! woot woot.

I have food. No ice is expected so I should have power. My doggies will be with me. I'm good. After a stop at Lowes to get some ice melt for the porch steps...would hate to slide down those suckers.

So I don't really have anything else...I've been reading lots of blogs, just haven't been commenting, which I totally need to do! && I need to learn how to put pictures on here...if it snows enough I'd like to show yall how beautiful it gets here in the mountains!

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