Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Almost a year since i've blogged!

It seems weird that time has gone by so quickly!!!

My pregnancy went pretty well ... I don't really want to complain about it a bit!

We now have a 12 week old beautiful baby boy named Oscar.

He was about a week old here ... & a little milk drunk!

He has been a wonderful baby ... with my comparison being others' children!

I was completely freaked out in the beginning ... even having a nervous breakdown in the hospital.

But, you do get used to everything pretty quickly; I have settled in my role as SAHM pretty well!

I plan on trying to blog everyday ... but we will have to adjust with Oscar!

I have a different plan, now, for my blog! I want it to be a wealth of everyday info for other mothers ...

Especially younger mothers that may not have other women in their lives to help, listen, share or lift them up!

Excited about this new "thing" ... hope everyone is doing well & you'll be hearing from us soon.

Much Love,

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


so we made it through (most of) the holidays....PREGNANT!!!

I had no idea i might be carrying a child...

I took 2 home pregnancy tests on 12/21/10 && found out that I am pregnant!

This is our first child...we are not yet married!

Our wedding was scheduled for May 21, 2011...that's off!

Not that we mind...we are sooo excited for me to be pregnant!

My first OB appt is on Jan 7th!!! Then I'll know the due date...

Will is calling my "baby momma" && i have to say that i kinda like it!

He is starting to rub my belly & ask how his baby is...

We might have settled on names really quickly.

Luckily i had that damn room painted yellow...shew.

should we find out the sex of the baby?

homeschooling may be a shitload closer than i thought....

woooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

a quickie...

just a little update for all my homies...

will & i went over to the new house lastnight to check out what the painters had accomplished.

it looks great!

the goldish-yellow that i chose for the dining/kitchen is a little brighter that i imagined.

will liked it.

i was totally surprised by that; totally happy that i get to keep the color!

the "pecan" that we chose for all the main rooms/hall looks wonderful; neutral & warm!

the yellow for the bedrooms looks really good, too.

I'M HAPPY! we're getting there...

I'm hoping to move most everything in by monday night or tuesday afternoon...

I still have to clean everything in our current house!

Wish us luck, the worst part of moving is right around the corner!

much love,

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Aren't Moms Awesome?

Mine is!

You know I'm moving?! We got the farmhouse that we wanted...eventually we will have the 30 surrounding acres!

But, anyway, my Mom is the best.

She came over to my house yesterday and helped me pack stuff up like nobodys' business!

We actually ran out of boxes....but it's nice to know the majority of my packing is done!

We will move into our new house on the 15th of this month - December!

I'll have to get my Christmas tree a little late...a small price to pay to be exactly where we want to be!

Much Love,

Friday, November 26, 2010


Will & I had a wonderful day yesterday with my Fam!

We drank wine, ate delicious food & played Just Dance 2*.

OMG!OMG! I love that game. seriously. I would marry it.

You get your heart pumping to great songs. I didn't even care about looking like a fool while I was doing it!

&& The fun to watch everyone else "dance" is just hilarious!

I totally recommend families to get that game for the Wii*!!!

* I was NOT reviewing this product. Wii by Nintendo has no idea who I am or that I have even played their game...or else they would know what a cool bitch I am && send me a copy instead of making me buy it!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We'll Be At The Atlanta Game!!!

If Sunday's game is going to be broadcasted in your area look for us on the tee-vee! We'll be in the Owners' Box!!

That should be a fun day!

Will & I are going to be able to spend Thanksgiving Day with my side of The Fam...we'll be in Raleigh.

I have done all the cooking for my immediate family to take to the event...Mom is back in Jacksonville helping out my sister...

I have made/am making:

60 homemade rolls
1 qt. chorizo/cream cheese dip
1 huge pan of mac & cheese
1 crockpot full of beans

It's going to be a busy weekend!

We are driving back home tomorrow after we eat. I know, I know. Glutton for punishment!

Friday I believe I'm working for a couple of hours & then we are hitting the road to Atlanta!

Friday night we will be attending Cirque du Soleil with Will's fam...

Resting a bit on Saturday, maybe some shopping (woo hoo!!!)...

& Sunday we're going to the game with Will's fam! I am especially excited about this part. I LOVE FOOTBALL!

The Owners' Box isn't too bad, either. Good food & a great view!!! Love it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving wherever you happen to be!

Much Love,

Monday, November 22, 2010

Packing Our Stuff For The Move...

I have packed 11/2 boxes.

One of those was glasses.

I can see myself running around crazily as friends stand in the living room waiting to help me move.

I will probably have nightmares about that tonight. nice.

We talked to a friend yesterday & he offered to "start" our herd! For free. seriously.

We are debating the following animals to have on our farm (besides cows, obviously):

fainting goats

a llama

a burrough


a miniature donkey

I'm sure we've mentioned other animals...but these are the "serious" ones. well, as serious as Will & I get.

the Farm. The farm. The Farm. THE FARM! we are excited about this.

We also talked about asking one of my cousins to come live on the farm. We'll see how that goes.

Much Love,