Friday, November 26, 2010


Will & I had a wonderful day yesterday with my Fam!

We drank wine, ate delicious food & played Just Dance 2*.

OMG!OMG! I love that game. seriously. I would marry it.

You get your heart pumping to great songs. I didn't even care about looking like a fool while I was doing it!

&& The fun to watch everyone else "dance" is just hilarious!

I totally recommend families to get that game for the Wii*!!!

* I was NOT reviewing this product. Wii by Nintendo has no idea who I am or that I have even played their game...or else they would know what a cool bitch I am && send me a copy instead of making me buy it!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We'll Be At The Atlanta Game!!!

If Sunday's game is going to be broadcasted in your area look for us on the tee-vee! We'll be in the Owners' Box!!

That should be a fun day!

Will & I are going to be able to spend Thanksgiving Day with my side of The Fam...we'll be in Raleigh.

I have done all the cooking for my immediate family to take to the event...Mom is back in Jacksonville helping out my sister...

I have made/am making:

60 homemade rolls
1 qt. chorizo/cream cheese dip
1 huge pan of mac & cheese
1 crockpot full of beans

It's going to be a busy weekend!

We are driving back home tomorrow after we eat. I know, I know. Glutton for punishment!

Friday I believe I'm working for a couple of hours & then we are hitting the road to Atlanta!

Friday night we will be attending Cirque du Soleil with Will's fam...

Resting a bit on Saturday, maybe some shopping (woo hoo!!!)...

& Sunday we're going to the game with Will's fam! I am especially excited about this part. I LOVE FOOTBALL!

The Owners' Box isn't too bad, either. Good food & a great view!!! Love it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving wherever you happen to be!

Much Love,

Monday, November 22, 2010

Packing Our Stuff For The Move...

I have packed 11/2 boxes.

One of those was glasses.

I can see myself running around crazily as friends stand in the living room waiting to help me move.

I will probably have nightmares about that tonight. nice.

We talked to a friend yesterday & he offered to "start" our herd! For free. seriously.

We are debating the following animals to have on our farm (besides cows, obviously):

fainting goats

a llama

a burrough


a miniature donkey

I'm sure we've mentioned other animals...but these are the "serious" ones. well, as serious as Will & I get.

the Farm. The farm. The Farm. THE FARM! we are excited about this.

We also talked about asking one of my cousins to come live on the farm. We'll see how that goes.

Much Love,

Friday, November 19, 2010

Spotty Posting

So I have good news & bad news.

I'll give you the good news 1st: We're moving to our farm!!!

We are so excited. We will be in a cute little brick house. I had to say cute because it's little. seriously.

Nothing I cannot handle for a couple years, though.

I'm going to paint & it will be cute. Will is going to do some addition/removal of walls...

I'll try to post before & after pictures just so y'all know way more about me than you want to!

There are 20 acres that will be ours right off...& 10 more acres that the previous owners will use for hay.

The bad news is: We (totally meaning me) want to move in by Dec. 1st...which means my posts will be even more spotty than usual...that's less than two weeks, people!

I will keep you updated as best I can...wish us luck with this move!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bitches love me.

I do not know if that's actually true in this case...

but I do have 93 pageviews.

I still have only one follower & that's Will. My fiance.

&& he doesn't even read this blog!

Can someone give a little feedback?

How am I doing?

Too Boring?

Getting there?

Maybe the problem is my schedule & not posting every single day?...I might be on to something here!

I'll try my best to get in at least a teensy-weensy post everyday!

Keep your fingers crossed that "the farm" happens...along with the organic cattle raising thing.

I might be a farmgirl/cowgirl yet!

Much love,

Friday, November 12, 2010

Will is finally coming home...

Will has been in Colorado hunting since last Tuesday! He shot an eight point mule deer excited to get that meat in the freezer. It is going to be delicious.

Things have been a little different around the house without him. I've cleaned it....

I have figured out that I don't especially like having to take a dog out on leash!

We have one dog that is 10 yrs old...I've had her since she was a puppy & she doesn't go on a leash unless we're in a public place that requires it.

That's Roxy checking the pool out at my parents'...a few minutes before she fell in!

The 10 mth old puppy requires a leash or I need an extra dose of anxiety medicine!

 That's Rotty at about 3 or so months... 

He stays in the yard (knocking on wood here) but it just freaks me out because he's so young and playful...not to mention that the crazy cat lady lives across the street from us. He hasn't had any interaction with cats, so I'm not totally sure what his reaction could be off of the leash.

Moving on...I don't really like sleeping by myself anymore. I am so used to him cuddling me up each night, it's a little hard to sleep in this huge bed with only Roxy taking up his side of the bed.

 I'm used to a little snoring in my ear. Or telling him to take off his glasses before he ruins them.

That's Will...before I remind him to take the glasses off. This is such a flattering picture; I should've learned how to post these before now. bwahahahaha.

Come to think of it: maybe I just miss being the boss. Of everything. Not that I really want to be; I can't seem to help myself.

Posting pictures is'll let anyone besides "the flyer" get to know me...or feel like you know me.

This is my bestest friend in the world, Eric, & I about a year ago...

and this is me on that same night...we were totally drinking lots of red wine!

and this is what happens when I let Will take pictures of me...
OMG. How scary is that? No wonder the dogs get a little "shy" when i want to smile at them!

and this is how I look right now. as I'm typing this. ha. this was a couple years ago.

this is me saying WTF? Who picked this one out. It totally looks like I'm yawning & talking. NOTE: this is not the dress I picked! I won't put pictures on here until after the wedding!

Sooo. I guess I've humiliated myself enough tonight. I'll reconsider drinking 2 beers & blogging later. For the moment I'm loving it.

At least you can never say I didn't show my true colors on my blog!

Much love, bitches!


Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm on a roll...

So. I did all of the burritos yesterday afternoon/evening. It wasn't hard, but kind of a pain in that I had to stand at the counter forever, kept getting greasy/yucky fingers. But, but. They will be worth it when Will comes home late from work & wants a snack instead of a huge meal....

I also went ahead and cooked the vegetable soup...just waiting on me now to put it in jars.

On to more important things...

My sister & I got into a huge fight lastnight. You see Mom has been at her house helping her for, oh, let's say, 3 weeks. uh huh.

My sister started with texting me telling me that I should've been hanging out with Dad, checking on him, making sure he had everything he needs. MY PARENTS ARE NOT FEEBLE OR ELDERLY. So, I'm like "what?". We text back & forth a few times & I decided to call her & try to figure out what was really going on. Needless to say that conversation spiralled out of control in short order...she took some low blows which comes as no shock to me. But it hurts all the same. I ended the conversation with some extremely naughty words. She deserved them, she was totally acting the part.

Let's hope everything rights itself before too long. I see some therapy in the future if we ever expect this relationship to work out!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

sooo. i'm sorry.

I haven't been blogging lately. For almost a month, right. I am sorry...not that I really have any loyal followers yet...except I will give a shout out to my homie "the flyer" woot woot.

So here's a rundown on what's been going on in my life:

  • Last Saturday was the last day at "Moose Creek"...that's where I work nights during the summer at an "exclusive members only" golf club. Nice place. Weird people. I love the money that comes in with that job, but am also thankful that it's over this year. I feel like Will & I never got any quality time together.

  • My job that I work part-time throughout the year is pissing me off.  I won't write all those things here!

  • I am still *kinda* planning my wedding. Not that it's off or anything, but I just haven't had the time.

Seriously, I have towels in the washer that are going to have to be re-washed. Hopefully I'll do that tonight.

  • Will left for Colorado on Tuesday. He's with some friends doing some hunting. He has a tag for an elk & a tag for a mule deer. I hope he brings home both. The animals, not the tags!

&& this leaves me home by myself! Not cool. Although I still have the 38 & I'm still ready to shoot it! *please don't make me have to shoot that damn thing*

I had it all worked out to do some "freezer cooking". I love this concept. & I figured with Will out of town for 10 days I'd have time. So I started that yesterday. I froze the following:

3 qts Chicken Stock
5 pts Chicken Stock
6 qts Lentil Soup
4 pts Lentil Soup
24 Lime Juice Cubes

I have ready to put together/make:

1 Huge Pot of Vegetable Soup (maybe 6 - 8 qts)
30 burritos (chix, rice, 2 kinds of beans, cheez & onion)
      I'll make different mixtures of all that.
48 (at least) Banana Nut Muffins
24 - 48 Homemade Dinner Rolls
1 - 2 Loaves Bread

Looks good to me. Lots of food...makes me happy.

Now on to something that is really pissing me off:

Snow is in the forecast. I mean it's coming. At Midnight. Where we live: 3 - 6". Will is out of town. I hate to drive in the snow. hate. it. Which means I probably won't go to the office tomorrow! woot woot.

I have food. No ice is expected so I should have power. My doggies will be with me. I'm good. After a stop at Lowes to get some ice melt for the porch steps...would hate to slide down those suckers.

So I don't really have anything else...I've been reading lots of blogs, just haven't been commenting, which I totally need to do! && I need to learn how to put pictures on here...if it snows enough I'd like to show yall how beautiful it gets here in the mountains!