Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Almost a year since i've blogged!

It seems weird that time has gone by so quickly!!!

My pregnancy went pretty well ... I don't really want to complain about it a bit!

We now have a 12 week old beautiful baby boy named Oscar.

He was about a week old here ... & a little milk drunk!

He has been a wonderful baby ... with my comparison being others' children!

I was completely freaked out in the beginning ... even having a nervous breakdown in the hospital.

But, you do get used to everything pretty quickly; I have settled in my role as SAHM pretty well!

I plan on trying to blog everyday ... but we will have to adjust with Oscar!

I have a different plan, now, for my blog! I want it to be a wealth of everyday info for other mothers ...

Especially younger mothers that may not have other women in their lives to help, listen, share or lift them up!

Excited about this new "thing" ... hope everyone is doing well & you'll be hearing from us soon.

Much Love,

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