Tuesday, October 12, 2010

people are ballsy...

so i'm sitting in my (public) office minding my own business.

reading a blog. noooo. seriously. it's what i do in my down time. shame.

in walks a man. ( that smells like alcohol, not  the rubbing kind, either. )

he gets right to the point. "i have to pee really bad. can i use your bathroom?"

i reply "i'm sorry, but we do not have a public restroom."

him "but i have to pee really bad."

me "i'm sorry, but our restroom is not for the public."

him "i'm gonna go pee behind the building" with a look of defiance.

me "that's fine. the owner of this building lives upstairs & if he sees you he is not going to be happy" with fire in my eyes.

seriously? where did you come from? & why in the hell would you think not only think it's acceptable to pee behind this building....you also think it's acceptable to forewarn me?

and why can't i think of witty responses in good time? he took me aback, for sure. but, damn. i could've come up with something, right?!

i am not kidding you. there is a freak magnet somewhere in my body. or maybe it's the brainwaves i send out.

my life is funny.

telling friends about your blog...

i was reading a blog the other day...i don't recall which one. if you recognize it you can remind me...then i'll link it.

so she was talking about should i/shouldn't i tell my family & friends that i write a blog?!

i'm going with shouldn't. there are 4 people in my "real life" that know about this blog. i like it that way.

i tend to write things that i may not say...all because i know that a. not many people actually look at my blog & b. chances are you don't actually know me.

so i'm safe. i mean i'm not incredibly mean or anything. but this is my territory. i will write exactly what i'd like here. you can complain, but  i probably won't change it.

my sis knows about this blog. she doesn't read it. or she'd be pissed that i contemplated bitch slapping her while she was wheelchair bound. she hasn't said a word.

so, again, i'm good. people in my real life don't even bother reading this.

love it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

the answer to "did you bitch slap her?"...

no. i didn't. she didn't whine or cry or anything. so i never hit her. it would've been funny, though!

i did get really sick. on the way down there i started feeling unwell. that was thursday. i went to the doctor down there on monday. he said an upper respiratory infection but no antibiotics. what?!

we came back home on tuesday. wednesday i was back at the doctor. i had/have bronchitis, acute sinusitis & pharyngitis...not cool. i'm still on antibiotics, still not feeling well. i mean i cannot do anything without being wiped out!

so i'm just chillin'. waiting to get back to myself.

we did see some really good friends over the weekend...we made plans for "scarowinds" in a couple weeks. will & i are so excited! && we're going to a friend of wills that same weekend for a halloween party. i haven't met him or his family, so that should be cool.