Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm on a roll...

So. I did all of the burritos yesterday afternoon/evening. It wasn't hard, but kind of a pain in that I had to stand at the counter forever, kept getting greasy/yucky fingers. But, but. They will be worth it when Will comes home late from work & wants a snack instead of a huge meal....

I also went ahead and cooked the vegetable soup...just waiting on me now to put it in jars.

On to more important things...

My sister & I got into a huge fight lastnight. You see Mom has been at her house helping her for, oh, let's say, 3 weeks. uh huh.

My sister started with texting me telling me that I should've been hanging out with Dad, checking on him, making sure he had everything he needs. MY PARENTS ARE NOT FEEBLE OR ELDERLY. So, I'm like "what?". We text back & forth a few times & I decided to call her & try to figure out what was really going on. Needless to say that conversation spiralled out of control in short order...she took some low blows which comes as no shock to me. But it hurts all the same. I ended the conversation with some extremely naughty words. She deserved them, she was totally acting the part.

Let's hope everything rights itself before too long. I see some therapy in the future if we ever expect this relationship to work out!

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  1. ah yes sisterly love. at least your close enough to fight with yours. i'd take that at this point. better than nothing.