Tuesday, October 12, 2010

people are ballsy...

so i'm sitting in my (public) office minding my own business.

reading a blog. noooo. seriously. it's what i do in my down time. shame.

in walks a man. ( that smells like alcohol, not  the rubbing kind, either. )

he gets right to the point. "i have to pee really bad. can i use your bathroom?"

i reply "i'm sorry, but we do not have a public restroom."

him "but i have to pee really bad."

me "i'm sorry, but our restroom is not for the public."

him "i'm gonna go pee behind the building" with a look of defiance.

me "that's fine. the owner of this building lives upstairs & if he sees you he is not going to be happy" with fire in my eyes.

seriously? where did you come from? & why in the hell would you think not only think it's acceptable to pee behind this building....you also think it's acceptable to forewarn me?

and why can't i think of witty responses in good time? he took me aback, for sure. but, damn. i could've come up with something, right?!

i am not kidding you. there is a freak magnet somewhere in my body. or maybe it's the brainwaves i send out.

my life is funny.


  1. oh the airplane stories i could tell and i'm not even in the back with the masses!

  2. you should share some with me...i'll post them here!