Friday, November 12, 2010

Will is finally coming home...

Will has been in Colorado hunting since last Tuesday! He shot an eight point mule deer excited to get that meat in the freezer. It is going to be delicious.

Things have been a little different around the house without him. I've cleaned it....

I have figured out that I don't especially like having to take a dog out on leash!

We have one dog that is 10 yrs old...I've had her since she was a puppy & she doesn't go on a leash unless we're in a public place that requires it.

That's Roxy checking the pool out at my parents'...a few minutes before she fell in!

The 10 mth old puppy requires a leash or I need an extra dose of anxiety medicine!

 That's Rotty at about 3 or so months... 

He stays in the yard (knocking on wood here) but it just freaks me out because he's so young and playful...not to mention that the crazy cat lady lives across the street from us. He hasn't had any interaction with cats, so I'm not totally sure what his reaction could be off of the leash.

Moving on...I don't really like sleeping by myself anymore. I am so used to him cuddling me up each night, it's a little hard to sleep in this huge bed with only Roxy taking up his side of the bed.

 I'm used to a little snoring in my ear. Or telling him to take off his glasses before he ruins them.

That's Will...before I remind him to take the glasses off. This is such a flattering picture; I should've learned how to post these before now. bwahahahaha.

Come to think of it: maybe I just miss being the boss. Of everything. Not that I really want to be; I can't seem to help myself.

Posting pictures is'll let anyone besides "the flyer" get to know me...or feel like you know me.

This is my bestest friend in the world, Eric, & I about a year ago...

and this is me on that same night...we were totally drinking lots of red wine!

and this is what happens when I let Will take pictures of me...
OMG. How scary is that? No wonder the dogs get a little "shy" when i want to smile at them!

and this is how I look right now. as I'm typing this. ha. this was a couple years ago.

this is me saying WTF? Who picked this one out. It totally looks like I'm yawning & talking. NOTE: this is not the dress I picked! I won't put pictures on here until after the wedding!

Sooo. I guess I've humiliated myself enough tonight. I'll reconsider drinking 2 beers & blogging later. For the moment I'm loving it.

At least you can never say I didn't show my true colors on my blog!

Much love, bitches!


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