Friday, September 24, 2010

Finding My Bridal Shoes...

will & i went to charleston a couple of weeks ago. one thing i had on my mind was finding my "perfect" wedding shoes. they would not be white. red or hot pink. definitely HIGH heels. i knew i had to look while we were there && i kinda thought i'd find them. oooh la la. i saw some kate spade sparkly silver heels that were beau-ti-ful & i fell in love! $295 made me queasy, though. i'm cheap. thrifty. sooo not spending $295 on shoes; wedding or not! along comes the steve madden store. i tried on a few pairs of shoes with will watching on in boredom. he actually noticed the weirdness of my sales girls' bangs more than what i was trying on. he did say yes or no. i could tell he didn't love anything i tried on more than i did! my sweet girl (with weird bangs) brings over red high heels. && announces "i don't know if you'd even like these but....they're 50% off & left in only your size.??!!" "whaaaat?" 50% off? hand me those. in my head - - "oh dear. i hope these bitches work. they're red. does will see that fat roll as i lean over. don't bust your ass or he'll swear you'll be killed on the wedding day. oh. oh. oh. hallelujah! they fit. they're perfect!" - - so i ask will "what do you think?" he says "i really like them. they look really good." OMG i am in shoe heaven. && total price was...drumroll, please...$26.87. seriously. we went straight back to our hotel & ordered bloody marys. i took pictures on my phone & immediately sent them to mom...she loves them, too. the only thing that makes me sad is that i cannot (will not...something new) wear them before 5/21/11. oh well. i will dance my ass off & show those shoes off like nobodys' business. just wait.


  1. Hey - Thanks for visiting my blog and all the kind comments! Congrats on the shoes, too. I love the name J. Ho. - that is cracking me UP!

  2. hey deb! yay! my first comment...i'm so excited! i just told mom : "i got my first comment!" "on what?" "my blog" "oh. oh. oh yeah. your blog!" & she smiles real big like that covers it up. really?