Thursday, September 30, 2010

things i/we have said to/about the dogs...

*do you think it would hurt if we thumped touched his balls?

*quit skateboarding on that bone. it makes too much noise.

* don't hump daddy's head.

* i'm the only one that humps mommy.

* quit licking the soap bubbles.

* if you drink a bunch of water & throw up i'm not cleaning it up.

* we can't have sex in front of the'll scare him to death.

* is it too hard to take him into the bathroom with you while you shit use it?

* if you bite my ass one more time i am going to tear you up.

just as a side note: i came out of the bathroom the other night from taking my bath. will was sitting in the chair with his back to me. he heard me come out of the bathroom. i did one of those scary holler/laugh things to the younger dog because he was staring at me. will almost came out of his skin. & he covered his head. ha hahahah...

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