Thursday, September 30, 2010

aggravating situations.

yeah. i've been known to do that. isn't it childish? to just push those buttons? when will is pissed with me (which isn't often because i'm damn near perfect) if i don't push his buttons i've already thought about pushing them. & those thoughts make me giggle. for real. that does not make him happy.

so my sis is having outpatient knee surgery tomorrrow. mom & i are going down there to help sis out. she has 3 kids & a husband (who might as well be a child himself...but he does work) anyway. we are going to help her. she mentioned me coaching soccer. ha. i don't watch that shit. don't play it, either. no clue how that's going to go. i might have to cuss out a ref, though. be warned.

but here's what i'm thinking: she won't be able to walk around freely for a day or so. she already told me the wheelchair they're putting her in is the kind that she can't roll by herself, so she has to have a push....ahem.

this is the perfect time for me to bitch slap her. i mean. come. on. it is the opportunity of a lifetime. i might do it. or just writing about it & almost pissing my pants might be enough. i'll let you know when i get back into town...

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