Tuesday, October 12, 2010

telling friends about your blog...

i was reading a blog the other day...i don't recall which one. if you recognize it you can remind me...then i'll link it.

so she was talking about should i/shouldn't i tell my family & friends that i write a blog?!

i'm going with shouldn't. there are 4 people in my "real life" that know about this blog. i like it that way.

i tend to write things that i may not say...all because i know that a. not many people actually look at my blog & b. chances are you don't actually know me.

so i'm safe. i mean i'm not incredibly mean or anything. but this is my territory. i will write exactly what i'd like here. you can complain, but  i probably won't change it.

my sis knows about this blog. she doesn't read it. or she'd be pissed that i contemplated bitch slapping her while she was wheelchair bound. she hasn't said a word.

so, again, i'm good. people in my real life don't even bother reading this.

love it.


  1. what does it mean if i am reading this??? hmm real life... (ahh my second post i must be loosing my mind!)

  2. it's means you're one of the chosen few to know about it! i trust you. period.