Thursday, September 30, 2010

How my name came about...

so. will told me lastnight that i should tell how this nickname came about. ok. i'm down with that.

THEN. he said i'll write a blog. i said: "you mean a post." he says: "no. a blog." i get all high & mighty...cause i've been blogging for a week now. "A POST!"....sorry guys. but i think he's hell bent on writing a post here. it might be boring. just hang with me. we'll get through it.

anyway. back to how i got this nickname. i am getting ready to give out some personal information. don't stalk me. it's not worth it. i do not put out. will knows. && i have a 38 & i'm looking for a reason to shoot it. seriously. it's been a while.

wow. i think i have ADD or something. on we go. my other married name was Butler. where i work during the summer came up with a hilarious nickname for me last year. J. But. yeah. it's pretty freakin funny. i liked it. i enjoyed the same name again this year (i've been divorced since '01 or '02, by the way)......

UNTIL. we got engaged. will proposed in june. so i came back to work & not 2 weeks later i had two options for my new nickname. J. How or J. Ho...obviously you know which i picked. it was put up to vote. the cooler of the two obviously won out.

i think will just used me. to make sure everyone knew how manly he is. he got me to agree to take his name. people have nicknamed me because of it. & i just told everyone. does he think he owns me?

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