Monday, October 11, 2010

the answer to "did you bitch slap her?"...

no. i didn't. she didn't whine or cry or anything. so i never hit her. it would've been funny, though!

i did get really sick. on the way down there i started feeling unwell. that was thursday. i went to the doctor down there on monday. he said an upper respiratory infection but no antibiotics. what?!

we came back home on tuesday. wednesday i was back at the doctor. i had/have bronchitis, acute sinusitis & pharyngitis...not cool. i'm still on antibiotics, still not feeling well. i mean i cannot do anything without being wiped out!

so i'm just chillin'. waiting to get back to myself.

we did see some really good friends over the weekend...we made plans for "scarowinds" in a couple weeks. will & i are so excited! && we're going to a friend of wills that same weekend for a halloween party. i haven't met him or his family, so that should be cool.


  1. Good to see you over the weekend. Looking forward to Scarowinds with the spooky fog. My first post ever on a blog. Ok first blog I've ever read.

  2. love it! you could "follow" won't miss a post on this new blog you love!